Counted Cross-stitch Kits
by Foxberry Cottage Crafts

The following information is provided for

Counted cross-stitch kits from Foxberry Cottage Crafts
have been a popular item in both craft supply outlets and craft/gift shops.

Openings are available for retail outlets (dealers) in select areas.
Please contact us for further information.
  1. To obtain our wholesale price list, please Contact us
    In order to establish an account as a trade customer (dealer), we ask that you provide the following information:
    • business name
    • name of shop(s) where product would be sold (if different than business name)
    • full shipping address
    • billing address, if different
    • other contact info - phone, fax, email, website
    • business owner(s)or other contact name (please specify position)
    • tax or other business registration number (specify), if applicable

  2. We encourage shops to keep on hand a selection that will catch the eye of the retail customer. Experience has shown us time and time again, the larger the display, the more re-orders we have. Good for you, good for us.

    Our most popular kits are as follows:

    In locations where both are on sale, the kits continue to out-sell the chart-only format of the same designs.

    • Most designs are now available in chart-only format as well as complete kit.
    • With a view to providing the retail purchaser with the best possible customer service, we prefer to place our chart-only package with retailers that carry a full range of materials to complete the project and/or has staff that is knowlegeable in cross-stitch.
    • We no longer offer chart-only opening sales. See Section #4 below.
    • Chart placement will be at the discretion of Foxberry Cottage.Crafts.

  4. TERMS:
      • If not previously registered with Foxberry Cottage Crafts buyers are asked to provide the information in Item 1 above.
      • Minimum initial order:
        • 20 kits - to become an established retail outlet
        • Those wishing to carry chart-only packages may do so after purchasing 20 kits
      • No minimum on the number of chart-only units after initial order of 20 kits
      • Initial orders from new dealers must be paid by VISA, mastercard, or company cheque before order is shipped. See Shipping information below.

      • No minimum order
      • Net 30 on credit approval

    • Prices and shipping charges may be subject to change without notice. Do contact us if in doubt.
    • We make every effort to process orders within 10 working days.
Prepayment of order must include shipping.

Wholesale shipping is based on sale total (pre-tax) as follows:

Sale Shipping
1.00 to 49.9910.00
50.00 to 149.9916.00
150.00 to 299.9918.00
300.00 to 599.9920.00
600.00 and up25.00

Contact us at

Foxberry Cottage Crafts
Box 130, 434 Granville Street
Bridgetown,  Nova Scotia,  Canada   B0S 1C0
(902) 665-4438             Email us


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