Counted Cross-stitch Kits
by Foxberry Cottage Crafts

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D5060   "Ciad Mile Failte"

100,000 Welcomes


Thistle Pincushion
Highland Dancer


Cape Breton Island Tartans
46807 Tartan Sett Chart Pack
D6013 Tartan Map Kit

Nova Scotia Tartans
46817 Tartan Sett Chart Pack
D6112 Tartan Map Kit


Tartan Map


Prince Edward Island
Tartan Map


New Brunswick Tartans
46847 Tartan Sett Chart Pack
D6412 Tartan Map Kit

When is a plaid a "tartan?"
A tartan can refer to either the pattern formed by coloured stripes which cross at right angles, or the fabric woven to this pattern. A plaid refers to the fabric itself, or the item made from it. So one may design only a tartan, but wear either a tartan or a plaid. Clan or regional tartans may be adopted and widely used as such without official recognition, but once registered at the Court of The Lord Lyon, King of Arms, in Scotland it is designated an official tartan.

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