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And just what IS a foxberry, anyway?


Foxberry Cottage Crafts is a Canadian home-based business producing original counted cross-stitch embroidery designs which feature the beauty, culture and history of Atlantic Canada. The original Foxberry Cottage Crafts started in 1994, first as a local producer marketing on Cape Breton Island only, then expanding into mainland Nova Scotia and the other Atlantic Provinces. We are primarily a wholesale business, selling to shops, but do provide a retail service for customers living outside our marketing area. Foxberry Cottage Crafts was purchased by Dawson Farrington of Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, in August 2005 and continues to offer a unique, quality product as in the past.

ABOUT THE DESIGNS...and our Designer...

Our designer, Donna Troicuk, received training in Interior Design at the University of Manitoba. Her interest in stitchery goes back to age 4 when her mother first put a needle in her hand and taught her a simple backstitch. She went on to try many forms of sewing and crafts but was never satisfied with commercial designs, and could never resist "tweaking" them to her own liking. This inevitably led her to create her own designs in whatever the craft du jour.

While Donna has experimented with various software programs and scanned photos, she prefers to work up her designs the old-fashioned way, starting with sketches - most often from photographs and post cards - which are adapted to a grid, and only taken to the computer in the latter stages of development.

As for subjects, our personal mandate is to feature "the beauty, culture and history of Atlantic Canada." Many of the earlier designs are site-specific. But as interest in the designs spread farther afield, we now have a second criteria: the design must also hold up on its own, regardless of cultural or historical reference.

We work very closely with Donna and will be using her expertise and experience in creating two new designs per year for the Foxberry Cottage Crafts line.


The kits include chart, instructions, 100% cotton Aida cloth, DMC floss and needle. The cover sheet shows the finished kit and usually a brief factual write-up on the subject. Every aspect of the design and layout are produced here in Nova Scotia, from logo, photography and layout to preparing the charts and instructions, cutting materials and packaging.

DMC numbers are not at present provided on all kit instructions but will be included as instructions are updated for new print runs. We advise, however, that if a customer is going to stitch the design a second time, they should not mix floss provided in the kit with purchased floss as there are sometimes quite noticeable variations in dye lots.


Most designs are now available in a chart-only format. In some cases, due to inventory restrictions, colour selection in the chart may differ from the kit. The difference is usually slight. The colour number in the chart is the preferred choice.


Prices on this site are shown in Canadian dollars and - while aimed at an international market - are based on the suggested manufacturer's retail price that we provide to our trade customers so as not to undercut them.

Most experienced stitchers agree that our prices compare favourably to similar products on the market. To those who do not agree: please consider that these are exclusive designs, that a great deal of care has gone into creating as accurate a representation as possible within the oft-times frustrating limitations of colour selection and working to a grid. The kits are prepared by hand in small lots, and as such should not be compared to those kits of inferior design and/or quality stocked by mass merchandise outlets.


Before ordering from us, we encourage stitchers within the Atlantic Provinces to check our Stores page for a shop in your area and support your local outlets. Otherwise Foxberry Cottage Crafts may be competing with our own customers (retail shops) - and that just wouldn't be right.



A foxberry, by the way...
is a small berry found in some parts of Atlantic Canada. Similar to the cranberry in appearance and habitat, the foxberry is a low-growing coastal plant. It is smaller than the cranberry, tastier too, but every bit as tart. It ripens in late fall when the berries are a dark burgundy colour. Foxberries are not easily found, and those who know of good picking sites usually keep it to themselves.

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